DVSI Library

The Library plays an integral part of the life of the our students who have an access to thousands of books (both non-fiction and fiction), reference materials, online encyclopaedias and subscription databases, the library is a major resource for the entire school community. It is a place for the students to share great literature, find information for their inquiries, and to learn research skills that can be applied in the classroom and the world at large! Our goal is to promote a love of literature and help our students acquire the information and research skills necessary for our students to become successful life-long learners. There are two libraries in our campus and All grade levels have weekly scheduled lessons in the library with the librarian.

Learning A-Z 

With billions of levels, readers already accessed across the world, Raz-Kids is an award- winning resource that provides a library of differentiated books at 29 levels of difficulty students use to practice reading in school, at home, or on the go. Digital and mobile access means that students get the personalized reading practice they need anytime, anywhere. And with easy-to-use online controls, teachers can quickly manage and track their students' reading progress in a matter of minutes.


Encyclopedia Britannica


DVSI subscribes to Britannica School encyclopaedia. This is an online encyclopaedia database which provides age-appropriate content for ages 5 to adult. Britannica is compatible with all devices; articles have a built-in dictionary and offer translation (in Kurdish and Arabic) and a readaloud function. Also, Britannica School provides access to magazine articles, images, maps, weblinks, primary source documents, e-books, and multi- media.